King Gbin, The Iconoclas

In the primes of the lords, there once carried on with an almighty King whose name was Keke Gbin. Apparently, Keke Gbin was the most impressive and persuasive ruler in all the land. Back then, a proportion of the ruler’s strength and power was by the size of his realm and the aquantity of helpers or protectors who by and by served him. Of equivalent significance were the degree of political muscle he practiced and the degree of the material belongings he controlled. In the fifty years of his rule as King, Keke Gbin battled and conclusively won ten conflicts and accordingly expanded the regional size of his realm by almost ten-folds. With more than 100 individual helpers, King Gbin was hitched to upwards of fifty wonderful spouses. He had 75 youngsters, one hundred thousand kids and possessed huge number of dairy cattle including cows, goats and sheep. The King additionally claimed and every year worked huge number of sections of land of farmland and, with the assistance of his subjects, he established every kind of vegetables and different harvests including rice, pepper, potatoes, apples, grapes, mangoes, paw, sweet potato, spread pears, almonds, corn, and many, some more.

For appropriately dealing with this enormous abundance, the King vigorously depended on three of his various spouses – the head and two of his more youthful wives. Generally, he sometimes doled out them the errand of dealing with the gather and capacity of all vegetables and other ranch produce. To the three most established children, the King doled out a long lasting liability of dealing with all steers of the fields and gave them irrefutable position to pursue last choices in regards to the butcher or offer of any of his dairy cattle whatsoever times. By and large, five cows and ten goats were butchered day to day to take care of the King’s family. Thousands more were offered consistently to the poor and dejected.

In spite of the fact that King Gbin controlled such overflow of riches and influence, he was not an extraordinary admirer of meat as day to day feasts. What the King adored and ate regular was fish. He had simmered fish for breakfast, ate seared or barbecued fish for lunch and, habitually, he would eat stewed or bubbled fish for supper. In the middle between feasts or tidbits, King Gbin frequently requested his head spouse to get ready fish in soup. At the point when he voyaged, he frequently took with him something like four many his own protectors. With this number of helpers, Keke Gbin rigorously guaranteed that fish supply for his everyday dinners proceeded continuous.

In the mean time, in Baniland fish was the most difficult to find ware. Because of the absence of any expert fisherman or gatherings of fishers, the trouble in getting fish for enormous scope stayed an overwhelming test in the land. Like fish shortage was not an issue enough for fish darlings like King Gbin, the tradition that must be adhered to was loaded with “hostile to fishing” limitations in essentially every spring, stream or waterway. One of the most grounded of these regulations was active in a little stream on the bank of which King Gbin’s city superbly stood.

Regardless of such titanic power and greatness, King Gbin carried on with a mysterious life that none of his subjects in the whole realm knew about. Absolutely, the King would not uncover this mystery part of his life to neither his storeroom associates nor senior counsels. More awful yet, he never told his spouses and youngsters his powerful fixation for his own and secret fishing leisure activity in the taboo stream on which bank his superb city stood. Aside from his head spouse, nobody, including the smartest of the savvy in the whole realm, realize that Keke Gbin went down stream daily under the front of obscurity and forlorn led routine fishing exercises with a fishing line and snare.

Aware of a potential openness of these mystery and illegal arrangements, the King arranged and executed every one of his daily difficulties a long time before the beginning of day. Committed to maintain the rules that everyone must follow and do the desire of the divine beings, he battled inside to accommodate his normal fixation for fish as day to day dinner and the fury of the divine beings that m